Digital Product Design



Hi! I’m Justin Cina, a digital product designer with a passion for people, data, and design. I’ve worked in many industries ranging from finance to fashion, and never met a challenge I didn’t like. I love solving complex problems in beautiful ways.

After having roles as a strategist, marketer, and product owner, I am intimately familiar with the varying goals of multidisciplinary teams, and can distill diverse objectives into user-centered solutions.

I adore speaking with users, or otherwise driving product and design decisions with user input. It is the not-so-secret “secret sauce” of building successful products and experiences. I am very familiar with the research process and am happy to drive those initiatives, or interpret the results.

In addition to making users happy and driving business results, I’m tirelessly seeking to make my designs beautiful, and ideally, inspiring. This does not come at the cost of development, as I am often the primary advocate of implementing design systems and pattern libraries.

At the end of the day, I am most passionate about designing and building products that people love. It is the win-win outcome for businesses and customers that simultaneously makes people smile and drives profits.

In 2017, I moved from Brooklyn, NY to Denver, CO and have been joyfully playing in the mountains ever since. Skiing, climbing, name it.

Find me on LinkedIn, and I’m happy to share my CV upon request.